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Crazy year!

WOW!  I know things have been crazy in the last year.  Greg had our first grandchild, Ava Carlotta DeGruy born March 17th.  Boy will she love that birthdate when she is in college…always a huge party everywhere.   🙂
We moved back to Cali  – which of course did not go as well as we planned, shoot not even as well as our Plan B.  But we are here and things are moving right along so we don’t have too many complaints.  In fact the complaints I do have are really trivial – albeit important but nothing to break a sweat over.  I would have to say my biggest sorrow over the move is that Jack (my new puppy) had to temporarly move to my parents house until we get settled into a place with a big yard for him.  But seeing Ava and being able to cuddle with her totally makes up for it!  I have been back a little over 2 months and Don a month, we are both working, have found a decent place to live for a while, rented out the WA house, and got Doni Michael settled in school (yes he is baaacckk ) now the catching up from being unemployed and moving has started.  We do see a light at the end of the tunnel, but I have to admit there were times when I doubted it would ever happen.
I posted lots of pics of Ava it is so hard not to take 28 million pics of her and a few of the boys (including Jack). 
Lots of love!
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Mid Summer Nights Update


Ok, so I barely made it through Shakespeare in High school, but I found the title fitting.  Here we are already in the end of July and enjoying a pretty hefty heat wave.  Reminds me of San Jose.  Yeah, I was unaware that it could get this hot up here in WA but it is actually in the high 90’s and has been for a few days now.  So, of course that means that the Washingtonians ‘fear’ a drought is pending. 


Things up here in the North Pacific are going pretty good.  Doni Michael is visiting his mom in CA. Doni D is staying with a friend.  And boy am I enjoying a quiet and clean home!


Don graduated with his AA in June.  I have posted some pictures – we are all so very proud of him.  He also started working this summer FULL TIME!  (The first time since he started school two years ago.)  I have to admit I am almost enjoying the extra income more than the quiet and clean home. Ok, who am I kidding I like the money more!  LOL


I also am getting ready for graduation.  I am scheduled to be finito on May 19th 2007.  I sometimes get freaked out that it is almost so close.  I have decided for whatever reason I was suppose to wait so long to actually finish, because I am making sure I get my money’s worth this time around!  Which I have never done before in school – believe it or not I am an A student.  My parents sure did wait a LONG time for that one!!!!  LOL Better late than never, right dad?


It sure is ironic how as an adult, I see so much more of what my parents were trying to do for me and I find it extremely ‘weird’ that after all is said and done I actually do things because "that is how my parents did it and I turned out ok."  The poor boys! 


Speaking of parents, mine are officially retired.  Yep Mom retired in January and Dad just this last week.  It still blows me away that I am old enough to have retired parents.  But I guess that is to be expected. 


The Maxson’s came up for 4th of July and between Sean’s and Don’s fireworks we practically blew up the whole neighborhood.  For the first time since moving up here Doni Michael decided to wait until after the 4th to go to CA to visit his mom and Greg.  He was so into it, but then again he has his dad as a role model on that stuff.


Our dog, Chopper was stolen just a month ago.  Apparently, it is very common for pure breed labs to get taken this time of the year, being huntin season and all.  If you recall – this area is predominantly populated with rednecks.  I know it is good to be proud of your roots, but this is too much, damm white trash!


WOW, I almost forgot to let you all know that I changed jobs and now work 20 miles away from home.  I still work for a non profit but there are over 100 employees (about 90% union).  I am the Accountant and it is a non-union position.  I LOVE being so close to home and not spending at least 3 hours a day commuting.  I also like the new job and co-workers.  But I really miss the people from my last company.  All in all it was a real smart move for me career and sanity wise and have no regrets.  Because the job just kind of fell on my lap, I was able to be firm about salary and ended up getting better benefits.  It was a good deal all around. Ya, sometime those kind of things just happen, believe it or not.


Well, I am sure there is more to update you all about.  But it is getting late and I need to get some shut eye.  I miss you all and hope you are enjoying your summer!


Take Care


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2006 Begins!

Wow, can you belive that we are already almost finished with the first month of 2006!!!  I promised you all pics weeks ago – sorry, but it took me a while to get back into the swiing of things after the Holidays. 
Ok, so it is only fitting to do a little thinking about 2005.  It certainly was a tough one for us.  There was Katrina with Don’s family (thank god they all survived) my unexpected emergency surgery (thank god Don and Doni survived), family court  issues, my car getting into a fight with a deer (still not sure who won), my parents being homeless for a few weeks as well (long story) both Don and I attending school full time, Doni D turning 16, and the never ending rain! Whew, and to think, it was a pretty darn good year considering!   LOL  
Then on Jan.10,  I was rear ended and thought – not already in 2006!!!  But to be honest it has not been too bad, and the doctor gave me some great meds and is now talking massage therapy, so who am I to complain!
You know this last year has been trying in a lot of ways for a lot of people and I keep coming back to the fact that it is really bringing home what is important – keeping your sanity until things balance out.  I am still a great advocate for meds and lots of Yoga…but amazingly enough, sometimes the world just balances itself out when you least expect it!
The boys all are doing great!  Doni D is moving right along in school and still freaking me out about the whole teenager crap – his current girlfriend just turned 18 last week.   Yep, she is a senior!  Except, they don’t want to be in a serious relationship, so not only does she call upteen million times a day, but about 3 other girls!  Lord please give me strength. 
It was great to see Greg this Christmas vacation – boy is he tall!  In fact they are all taller than me – not that I am that tall…Anyway, Greg is doing great and is talking about Colleges.  Which freaked me out, because we could be paying off our student loans and Greg’s tuition at the same time!!!  
Doni Michael moved back to WA last week, he had been discussing moving back with his mom and dad for a month.  Of course he is adjusting and still in the honeymoon period  – he started school today and so far loves it.  Then again it was the first day of the semester so there was no homework – what’s to hate? 
Don finished his last class and is doing his internship.  He chose the internship at his school and seems to be liking it.  He has passed some of the Microsoft tests and is officially considered a Microsoft Certified Professional.  He can put the letters MCP behind his name and everything!  What a geek!
I am moving right along in school as well!  I am 3/4 done with my BS in accounting – yep this time next year I will be finishing things up.  Boy time flies when you have none!  I still love my job – but am still hating the commute more and more each time it rains!!! And it rains a lot up here.  In fact it has rained 35 days in a row or something like that…yep its going to be a long winter.   
Well, as promised, I am posting some pictures of Christmas.  We took the boys to Hooters and apparently, Doni Michael (the youngest) is the only one who can handle the pressure – you will understand when you see the pic.  This last weekend, we went out 4 wheeling on my parent’s property and I posted some pics of that as well.  It was wet, muddy and cold – but sooo much fun!  We have learned that in WA you have to do it even if it is raining or you will never have any fun! 
Happy New Year!
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Happy Holidays!!!!!

Well can you believe it! Winter is HERE!!!
It is actually snowing up here in our neck of the woods – yep the first of the year and it is so beautiful!
I posted some pictures for you all to see our yard.  We live close to Mt. Rainer  so we see the view of Mt. Rainier everyday…it is a reminder everyday for Doni D – who reminds us everyday – that snowboarding season is here.  Last year the boys loved it so much that they can’t wait to go again.  Our budget says different!  LOL
We spent Thanksgiving at my parents.  The turkey turned out great!  Which is a first in a long time….as far as I can remember.  But now as I am getting older I am realizing that how dry the turkey or lumpy the gravy is – is not as important as being with your family!  I hope that all of you were able to take advantage of the Holiday and spend time with your loved ones.
Another first in a long time – ok, ever!  is that we are about half way done with Christmas shopping.  Ya, total accident on my part!  I put Don in charge and he is doing better than expected…go figure he would be good at buying a bunch of toys for boys!!! LOL 
Greg and Doni Michael will be coming up for their Christmas break – we are excited about that!  I will post an update around that time with pictures of the boys…you will be amazed at how much they have grown!  I still can’t believe they are growing so much!
Happy Holidays!
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